Salt Water

We specialise in salt-water pools, giving you a natural alternative to chlorine.

The sea salt we use in your pool is locally-sourced from Olhão on the southern Algarve coast where it is harvested from the salt pans, as pictured.  The benefits of using local salt are both ecological and practical.

You will find that swimming in salt water is a special experience and it can also be enjoyed by anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

The salt level in your pool is 0.30 – 0.35%

By comparison, the salt level in the human eye is 0.90% and in sea water it is 3.50%.

This makes your pool water 10 times less salty than the sea – soft, silky water which does not leave a trace of salt on your skin when you leave the pool.

Salt water is especially suitable for children – who often spend hours in the water!

We can provide you with all the necessary equipment for converting your pool to salt water. This usually takes less than a day to install and there is no need to change the water in your pool.